Community Partners for Child Safety

We provide home-based family support, connection to resources, and parenting education.

Does your family need support, or do you know a family that does?

A caring professional from you county’s community partner can bring community resources to your doorstep!

Madison, Tipton, Grant, Delaware, & Wayne Counties – Firefly Children & Family Alliance

Tippecanoe County – Bauer Family Resources

LaPorte County – Geminus | Partnering for the Future

Elkhart County – Scan Inc.

Clark County – Ireland Home Based Services

We partner within the community to help children grow up in safe, and healthy home. Our free, home-based services focus on each family’s strengths and are tailored to meet individual needs. We will help you define and accomplish goals ranging from financial stability, transportation, employment, substance abuse and parent support/education! We make sure immediate needs are met in order to focus on family centered goals.

We hold events including a recent safe sleep course where we gave participants a free sleep sack and pack ‘n play for their baby.  Another event was a 3-part series about autism. Participants learned what autism is and how support friends and family with autism. Check the calendar for the next event!

The program is available at the following counties:

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