Community Navigators

Community Navigators

All four of our centers help residents find and access the services available within their community. These issues can be daunting to face and complicated to resolve- our centers work with you to make getting the help you need as simple as possible! Our staff is experienced in navigating these issues and getting the most help possible- we can find and fill out any applications you may need, and attend school and agency meetings with you, so you always have someone in your corner, help with in-home case management, or simply offer a listening ear. We’re available to meet in our offices or at your home.

These services are completely free and voluntary.

  • Child Care Assistance and Child Development
  • Food Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Education and Job Training and Educational Support
  • Financial and Housing Assistance
  • Clothing Assistance
  • Parenting Support and Assistance
  • Substance Abuse Support
  • Mental Health and Counseling
  • Shelters & Recovery Housing
  • Transportation and Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)
  • How to get a new ID/Birth Certificate/SS Card
  • Medical

The program is available at the following counties:

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