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Marketing File Breakdown: Understanding Your Options

When working on your marketing materials, you'll come across different types of files. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what each one offers:

AI files are proprietary file types developed by Adobe Systems. Think of AI files as a recipe for a drawing. Just like a recipe can be adjusted to make more or less food without losing the flavor, AI files let you change the size of your image (like a logo) without making it look bad. It's a special file used by artists and designers.

PNG is a raster-graphics file-format that supports lossless data compression. Imagine taking a picture of something with no background, so you can put it over any other picture and it fits right in. That's what PNGs are good for. They're pictures that can have completely invisible backgrounds, making them perfect for logos you want to put on top of other images.

EPS is a file format for storing vector graphics. EPS files are a bit like AI files, but more universal. They're like a drawing that you can make bigger or smaller without it getting fuzzy. Good for making things that need to be printed on stuff like T-shirts or banners because you can change the size easily.

PDFs are like those all-in-one tools or Swiss Army knives. You can have text, pictures, and even clickable links all in one file. It's great for sharing things like flyers or forms that look the same no matter what computer or phone you view them on.

#SIF Brand Board

Strengthening Indiana Families Family Resource Centers Main Logo

This logo is to be used for the Family Resource Centers through the Strengthening Indiana Families Initiative. All Family Resource Center locations and marketing materials should be using this SIF Family Resource Center, you are welcome to co-brand with your Community Partner Logo.


Strengthening Indiana Families Main Logo

This logo is to be used for the over all Strengthening Indiana Families Initiative.

County Specific Logos

Here's the collection of logos specific to each county. Within this file, you'll find options for all counties. Please select the logo for your county of interest and download it


If you are looking for something not currently on this page, please email